Taxsim35 Options

Options are specified as two additional variables. opt1 is the option number and opt1v is the value for that option. There are also opt2 and opt2v On the web form place the values for opt1 and opt1v in the box, separated by a blank. Options are generally added after correspondence with users. Also options that were valid in Taxsim32 should be requested if needed.

8 A positive value becomes the SALT deduction limit. Use -1 to eliminate the deduction entirely. Default is to the statutory limit ($10,000 in 2020)
22 A positive value sets the CARES rebate to zero
52 Finite difference for MTR calculation.


mstat,year,state,pwages,mortgage,opt1,opt1v 2,2020,5,8,2000000,40000,8,-1 Eliminates the SALT deduction limit for this itemizer with big mortgage interest and state income tax.

Daniel Feenberg

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