Installation of Taxsim35

The staticly linked taxsim35 AMD64 binary executable file is available at one of these URLs: Download the file and copy it to someplace on your system, perhaps in the default executable path for convenience. You should rename it taxsim35.exe to correspond to the example below but other name changes may cause problems..


Prepare a simple ASCII test file in csv format - we will call it txpydata.raw: taxsimid,mstat,year,ltcg 1,2,1970,100000 and submit it to taxsim35.exe: taxsim35.exe <txpydata.raw You should receive a 2-line csv file in reply. If not, check the existence and permissions (Linux and OSX) on the executable file.

For taxsim.wasm the command would be:

cat txpydata.raw | node -e "requires(taxsim.js)"

Format of submissions

taxsim35 expects to read a csv file with taxpayer data. The first row will be the variable names as documented at href=" and each of the remaining rows corresponds to a tax return.

In addition to the taxpayer characteristic variables, variable mtr

Additional Controls

If the default marginal tax rate calculation or level of detail is not to your liking, it is possible to change either with additiona variables. A

These values of mtr affect the marginal tax calculation are:

These values of idtl affect the output level:

For example descriptive output with several different marginal tax rates:

taxsimid,mstat,year,ltcg,mtr,idtl 1,2,1970,100000,11,5 1,2,1970,100000,70,5 1,2,1970,100000,85,5 1,2,1970,100000,86,5


The most likely problem is: taxsim35: not found or something similar. Other problems would be non-decimal characters in the data (such as missing value codes) or non-ascii data. Check your data in notepad or similar. If there are data problems, an explicit error message will be output to the standard output and execution will cease.

Source Code

Unlike the programs of professional programmers, taxsim35.for has no dependencies, uses no non-standard libraries and will compile on any computer with a fortran compiler with a single command: gfortran taxsim35.for -o taxsim35.exe If you need source code I can supply that. It is a single f90 file, and only 2 lines need changing for f77. In that case your compiler will complain about f0.2 and i0 format specifiers. Just change the 0 to 14 for pure f77 code.
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